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With over 20 years of experience in the rental of cars and vans, we offer competitive rates, as well as a variety of cars and trucks to choose the best option that best suits your price range and travel needs.

With the brand new cars and trucks of America Car Rental, you can drive and explore and enjoy to the fullest exploring the beautiful surroundings of the Perla Tapatía, as the city of Guadalajara is also known.

For your convenience, we offer 24-hour service, 365 days a year at our Guadalajara Airport branch, so you can easily and quickly rent a car or truck right at the time of your arrival, without worrying about the schedule.

Guadalajara Airport

America Car Rental will assist you in the best car rental experience in Guadalajara during your next business trip or vacation to this paradisiacal destination.


With the car rental in Guadalajara you will enjoy fully and at your own pace all the places of interest, cultural areas, business areas and attractions in Guadalajara, as well as its charming surroundings. For being one of the largest cities in Mexico, you will find a wide range of things to do and see in the Perla Tapatía:

  • It hosts important artistic and cultural events.
  • It has great business infrastructure.
  • It has activities for all tastes and ages.
  • It offers exquisite typical food like the traditional drowned cake, the meat in its juice, the tacos de birria and the popular pozole jalisciense.
  • Enjoy a Mexican night with mariachi, accompanied by a good tequila. Delight yourself with the colonial beauties of the historic center.
  • Walk the city square in calandria.
  • Buy typical sweets, handicrafts, and blown glass, among many other regional options.

Places to Visit in Guadalajara

Regardless of the reason for your visit to the state of Jalisco, in western Mexico, during your stay we recommend you visit the following in the city of Guadalajara:

  • The colonial and beautiful historic center, considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • The emblematic Cultural Institute Cabañas.
  • The Expiatory Temple with its beautiful neo-Gothic style.
  • Attend the opera at the Degollado Theater.
  • Take your little ones to the Guadalajara Zoo.
  • Buy typical crafts such as blown glass in Tlaquepaque and Tonalá.
  • Buy souvenirs and typical sweets at the San Juan de Dios Market.
  • Tour the town of Tonalá, an ancient pre-Hispanic town located only 15 kilometers away.

If you want to take advantage of your rented car and explore the areas close to the city, no more than two hours by car, we recommend:

  • Visit the town of Tequila and its blue agave fields.
  • Rent a car to spend the day in the area of Lake Chapala.
  • Tour the colorful town of Ajijic.
  • Explore the different Magic Towns of the state of Jalisco such as Lagos de Moreno (at 185 km),
  • Mazamitla (at 130 km), Tapalpa (at 160 km) and Tequila (at 70 km).
  • Do adventure tourism in La Barranca de Huentitán.

Advantages of a Car Rental service with America Car Rental Guadalajara:

  • Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We accept different payment methods.
  • Pick up the car at the airport.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Free cancellation or modification *.
  • Insurance included.
  • Free mileage.
  • Taxes included.

* Terms and conditions may apply.

Let us assist you and offer you a fast and efficient service at our America Car Rental Guadalajara branches.

It is VERY easy to rent a van or rent a car in Guadalajara! We have the perfect ones for you!

Location of Guadalajara Airport


Guadalajara Airport

Av. Solidaridad Iberoamericana No.7973 Col. San José del 15
Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico 45690

How to get?


What are the requirements to car rental in Cancun Airport?

What is the minimum age to car rental in Cancun Airport?

Does the driver's license and credit card have to be in the same name?

  • It is a fundamental requirement that the owner will present a driver's license, credit card and official identification under his name in order to make the contract.

Is it possible that they will not deliver

  • Reservations are based on CATEGORY of vehicles not specific models. The images shown are merely illustrative.

Does the rental holder have to be present during the car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • Yes, you must be present at the time of drawing up the contract for signing it.

If I do not have a credit card, can I make a reservation for car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • You can make a reservation, but for the preparation of the contract the credit card is an indispensable requirement.­

Is it possible to rent a car with the credit card of a relative or friend?

  • ­The credit card is an essential requirement to rent a car and must be in the name of the owner of the rent (lease) of the vehicle, who must be present during the preparation of the contract. It is possible that a family member or friend who meets all the requirements will rent the car for you, but must include you as an additional driver so that you are also authorized to drive the rental vehicle.

What is a security deposit on car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • It is the amount that is blocked or withheld (it is not a charge) on the credit card during the rental of the car and serves as support for any additional charge. This procedure is by credit card only.

Do you have 24-hour service for car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • Yes, at our AIRPORT counter, we have a 24-hour service when renting and returning the vehicle.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

  • By providing us with your flight number and contact telephone number, our Airport representatives will be monitoring the flight status and await your arrival.

What extra accessories can I add to my car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • We offer rental service for baby seats or infants, GPS with Wi-Fi service and unlimited calls.
    • They imply extra cost and are subject to availability.

Does the mileage have a cost on car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • We offer you UNLIMITED mileage in all our rentals.

Can car rental in Cancun Airport be hourly?

  • If it is possible to rent a vehicle for hours, however, it must be considered that the payment will be made for a full day of rent since our rates are calculated based on a rental period of 24 hours.

How much time do I have to pick up my vehicle after the reservation time on car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • We honor reservations up to two hours from the time indicated, after this time we provide the service according to vehicle availability.
  • In high season it is considered a tolerance time of one hour due to high demand.

How long in advance of my flight should I return the rental car in Cancun Airport?

  • We recommend:
    • In NATIONAL FLIGHTS: One hour and a half before.
    • In INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Two and a half hours before.

What kind of fuel do cars use for rent in Cancun Airport?

  • We have vehicles of different types of fuel according to the engine. In the tank cap is specified whether it is gasoline or diesel.

    At AMERICA CAR RENTAL we suggest you consider Clause 22 of your lease.

Where can I submit a suggestion or comments regarding the service during car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • Your opinion is very important for us, so we ask that, in case you are still in the branch, you can find the Branch Manager or contact Customer Service by or by phone: +52 (998) 2 53 61 10.

How can I request my invoice on car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • Contract number.
  • Reservation number.
  • Business Name.
  • Tax ID
  • Fiscal address.
  • Use of CFDI.
  • Telephone contact.

Do you have a roadside assistance service during car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • We offer Roadside Assistance service to all our customers, at no additional cost as long as the failure is due to mechanical damage attributable to the use of the vehicle and not due to negligence of bad handling, which may generate an additional charge in case of not having purchased Roadside Assistance (SRA).

How can I modify or cancel my reservation of car rental in Cancun Airport?

Where can I return the vehicle on car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • You can do it at any of the AMERICA CAR RENTAL branches we have within Mexico. Merida only has the Drop-Off service in the downtown and southeast branches of the country (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, CDMX).

Do you have transportation service to return the Vehicle on car rental in Cancun Airport?

    • We offer the transportation service upon arrival and return of the vehicle.
    • We offer pick up and drop off service in hotels, bus stations and ferries as long as they are within the return zone.

Can I return the vehicle at another branch?

  • In AMERICA CAR RENTAL we offer the return service in another office under the following conditions and additional cost per km: CONDITIONS (in direct contract with AMERICA CAR RENTAL):
    • Rents Cancun to Playa del Carmen and / or Tulum or vice versa does not require a minimum of rental days.
    • Rents Cancun to Merida or vice versa minimum 3 days of rent.
    • Cancun Rentals to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and / or Los Cabos or vice versa minimum 7 days of rent.

What happens if I do not return the vehicle on the agreed date on car rental in Cancun Airport?

  • If within 3 days after the return date you do not inform the Customer Service Area (+52 (998) 2 53 61 10) about the status and location of the car, it will be reported to the relevant authorities, excluding AMERICA CAR RENTAL of all responsibility.
  • In AMERICA CAR RENTAL we suggest you consider Clauses 19 & 20 of your lease.