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America Car Rental offers the car rental option in Miami. We have a wide range of cars that will be at your disposition to choose the one that best suits your needs during your trip without having to sacrifice your well-being and your comfort.

FAQs about renting a car in Miami, Florida

Why is it recommended to rent a car when traveling to Miami?

  • Mobility: Get out of the airport and enter your rental car when you arrive in Miami as we have offices and staff ready to assist you on arrival, so you can go to your place of stay, the supermarket or your preferred destination.
  • You will be free!: You can come and go whenever you want throughout the city, in Miami there are many things to do and see, with your rental car this will be easier.
  • Let's save some money: If you make a sum of all the taxi services that you could acquire during your trip, the sum would be high, renting a cheap car in Miami with America Car Rental, certainly is the best option.

Why is it necessary to travel with insurance on a rental car in Miami?

That your vacation is not ruined by an accident, know the different coverages that we have, so you, your passengers and the car are protected from any accident that may arise.

Miami Airport

This can also cover accidents that happen even when you’re not inside the car, such as damage to tires, mirrors, or windows.

In order for coverages to be valid you have to take into account the following:

  • Remember to have your official ID and valid driver’s license with you.
  • In case the driver is between 21 and 25 years old will have an extra charge.
  • In case you are traveling throughout the state of Florida we recommend you have your toll card.

What to do with a rental car in Miami?

Whether it’s your first time in town or a recurring visitor, at America Car Rental, we have a list of places you have to visit or revisit.

  • Little Havana: in it you will find a large concentration of Latinos, being the majority Cubans, this beautiful combination of cultures will allow you to know and enjoy food, music, art and more in one place.
  • Everglades: a national park that you can ride on a hovercraft from which you can admire the tropical flora and fauna that South Florida has to offer.
  • Cycle party: you can take the party to another level, with different tours in which you can go to restaurants, bars or craft breweries while traveling in a vehicle driven by the same passengers.
  • Zoological Wildlife Foundation: is an organization that is responsible for educating the public about the importance of the preservation of species that are in captivity and their natural habitat.
  • Wynwood: is an area where you can appreciate the colorful and diverse murals that adorn the walls, as well as enter the picturesque places that offer food for the day. With your rental car you can reach every corner.

Get to amazing restaurants with your rental car in Miami.

  • Versailles: located in Little Havana, is a restaurant that has more than 50 years of serving the best Cuban food you can find in the United States.
  • Wynwood Marketplace: Located in the Wynwood area, they are a group of food trucks where you will find drinks and fast and Latin food making this a great environment to spend an afternoon and night with friends or meeting people.
  • Mandolin Aegean Bistro: Take your rental car to the Design District to this bistro where you’ll find traditional Greek and Turkish dishes ready to delight.
  • Tacology: travel in your rental car to downtown Miami to find authentic Mexican food, as the name says, you will find a variety of tacos and other Mexican dishes that will make you want to repeat.

Useful information for car rental in Miami.

Cars in good condition

To have a good route throughout your trip, within the car rental in Miami, try to make the space optimal for the whole family and comfortable enough for long journeys.

Pick up the car at the airport

To make Miami car rental easier with America Car Rental, it offers the convenience of delivering the car you rented from the airport.

Roadside assistance

We know that nothing and nobody is exempt from a mishap during the rental time of economic cars in Miami, therefore, you must be aware of where renters offer this service.

Location of Miami Airport

United States

Miami Airport

3990 NW 26th Street, FL 33142, USA.
United States Florida, United States 33142
Office: +1 (786) 966-1693
Reservation Center: +52 998 253 61 12

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