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Manzanillo has been an important port city since colonial times, so hundreds of cargo ships arrive in its waters for purely commercial activities. It is also a popular destination among tourists who come to the coast, to see its beautiful landscapes.

Manzanillo is made up of two twin bays bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which results in numerous beaches and coves where you can go diving to observe its marine life or surf where its waters get a little rougher.

It is popular among those who love sport fishing, as sailfish abound, so much that even is the emblem of the city. For this reason, common to see large sport fishing events taking place frequently here.

And if you are a lover of culture and history, transport yourself to the past walking through the streets of its Historic Center, where you can find the colonial appeal that characterizes Manzanillo.

With so much to see and enjoy, improve your travel experience with a rental car with America Car Rental. Get off the plane and get directly into your rental car, because now we are located in Manzanillo airport, from where you can start your trip with all the comforts.

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Manzanillo Airport

What to do with a Rental Car in Manzanillo Airport, Colima?

Once you rent your car with America Car Rental in Manzanillo airport, you will be able to visit each of the stops on your itinerary without pressure from others and with all the comfort you are looking for.

Speaking of places to visit, these are just some of our recommendations to make the most of your rental car in Manzanillo Airport with America Car Rental. Watch the sunset on its boardwalk and enjoy watching the sun paint its Pacific waters orange.

Later, you can tour its historic center, where you will be transported to the past with its colonial architecture, which speaks of the commercial tradition of this port since the times of New Spain.

Observe the city from a different perspective from its lighthouse called "Faro de Campos", connect with nature on its beautiful beaches bathed by the Pacific. And explore further, visiting Colima or knowing its archaeological zones "La Campana" and "El Chanal".

What places can I visit with a rental car in Manzanillo Airport, Colima?

Your trip begins at Manzanillo airport, where you can easily rent your car with America Car Rental. And to get the most out of your rental car with America Car Rental, we recommend the following places:


  • Watch the sunset on the boardwalk
  • Take photos at the monument to "Pez Vela", emblem of the city
  • Tour its two bays
  • Go to the archaeological zone, “El Chanal” - Visit Colima


Advantages of renting a car with America Car Rental Manzanillo Airport, Colima

  • Service 365 days a year.
  • We accept different forms of payment.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Free cancellation or modification
  • Insurance included
  • Free mileage
  • Taxes included

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Let us assist you and offer you a fast and efficient service at our America Car Rental Colima branches. We have a diverse range and types of vehicles for rent to cover all the needs of our customers, we have compact, medium, full car sizes and even family vans.

Let us accompany you on your trip and rent a car in Manzanillo Airport, with America Car Rental!

Location of Manzanillo Airport


Manzanillo Airport

Carretra Manzanillo Barra de Navidad, KM 42 Col. Playa de Oro Barra de Navidad KM 42 Col, Playa de Oro, 28219 Manzanillo, Col.
Colima Colima, Mexico 28239
Office: +52 314 688 2823
Reservation Center: +52 998 253 61 12

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